Sweet Adelines International - Sweet Adelines International is a non-profit musical education association for women founded in 1945 that endows nearly 23,000 members with the mastery of singing four-part harmony music, barbershop style. Performances and competitions develop members’ confidence and pride in their achievements. Sweet Adelines perpetuate barbershop music – one of a few forms of music native to the United States.

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Pacific Horizons (San Luis Obispo)
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Young Singers Foundation - Committed to enriching the lives of young people by supporting the educational and performance opportunities in vocal music. 

Sweet Adelines Regions
1  North Atlantic - New England
2  Border Lakes Region - Michigan and Ontario
3  Lake Michgan - Michigan, Indiana, Illinois
4  East Central - Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, West Virginia
5  Midwest Gateway - Missouri, Illinois, Kentucky, Iowa
6  Can-Am - Manitoba, Ontario, South Dakota, Minnesota, Montana, Iowa
7  Midwest Plains - Kansas, Missouri, Iowa, Nebraska
8  Rocky Mountain - Montana, Wyoming, South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Colorado, Utah
9  Atlantic Gulf - Florida, Georgia
10  Great Gulf Coast - Texas, Louisiana
11  Sequoia Pacifica - Southern California
12  Pacific Shores - Northern California, Nevada, Hawaii
13  North Pacific - Washington, Idaho
14  Blue Ridge - Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina
15  Greater New York - New York, New Jersey
16  Lake Ontario - Ontario, New York
17  Lake Erie - Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania
19  Atlantic Bay-Mountain - Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, West Virginia
21  Golden West - California, Arizona, Texas, Nebraska, New Mexico
22  Mid-America - Wisconsin, Iowa, Illinois
23  Heart of Dixie - Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi, Tennessee, Florida
24  Mount 'n Shore - Montana, Idaho, Washington, Oregon
25  Heart of America - Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana, Missouri
26  Canadian Maple Leaf - western Canada
31  Quartet of Nations - England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales and the Netherlands
32  Nordic Light - Sweden
34  Southern Cross - Australia
35  New Zealand

We support our brothers in harmony, too!
Barbershop Harmony Society
The Barbershop Harmony Society brings men together in harmony and fellowship to enrich lives through singing.
Gold Coast Barbershop Chorus (San Luis Obispo)