2016 Year In Review

Anniversary party for the Tri City Sound and Pacific Horizon Choruses. Left to Right: Gail (PHC), Barbara (PHC), Kim (PHC), Logan (PHC), Dyanna (TCS), Cindy (TCS), Barbara (TCS).
From the installation dinner on May 26. Catherine receiving her ten- year
       pin, presented by Dyanna.
Tri City Sound preparing for a patriotic performance on August 20 at the Unity Church in Santa Maria. Left to right: Barbara (Director), Karen (Baritone), Dyanna (Lead), Gill (Lead), Linda (Baritone), Lyndell (Bass), Gina (Baritone), Alexis (Lead), Diana (Bass), Catherine (Tenor), Dawn (Lead), Susan (Lead), Trudy (Bass).

Tri City Sound singing at a ceremony for the 75th anniversary of Pear Harbor at the Abel Maldonado Community Youth Center in Santa Maria.
Part of the chorus singing at a Christmas Performance at the Mole Hole in Solvang. Left to right: Cindy (Director), Lyndell (Bass), Gina (Baritone), Barbara (Director), Gill (Lead), Linda (Baritone), Diana (Bass), Catherine (Tenor).

The annual Friends and Family Christmas Show on December 15, including seven guest singers.

Co- directors Cindy and Barbara at the annual chorus Christmas party at Klondike Pizza in Santa Maria on December 17.